Mimic wrinkles: the most effective way for skin rejuvenation

gymnastics for facial rejuvenation

Every woman wants to stay young and attractive for a long time, but over time we notice that every day we live leaves a mark on our face - small facial wrinkles.

All of us women want to look 100% and therefore we need to know what is the most effective remedy to mimic wrinkles. Nothing ages the skin of the face like the "rays of happiness" around the eyes, they have the peculiarity of appearing even from the fact that we are just frowning or laughing.

But to live without emotions is impossible, and how to be? The only way out is to fight, to defeat aging, you need to understand the processes that occur in our dermis.

Wrinkle mimic: an effective remedy for skin rejuvenation

forehead wrinkles how to get rid of

Usually the first small wrinkles can already appear after 25 years. But for some very emotional women, the "rays of happiness" in the eyes may appear earlier. What to do? First, be happy that you know how to respond clearly to life, and second, start actively taking care of your skin.

When we laugh and feel sad, the muscles contract and a network of small wrinkles appear in the eye area, and if we are very worried, upset, then they appear near the nose and on the forehead. The appearance of such rays does not depend on age, and with age they become more obvious.

Our facial muscles are always moving, we are not statues, and cry, and laugh, and squint from the bright sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of their prevention in advance, without waiting until wrinkles become noticeable.

Remedies for mimic wrinkles are various preventive measures to eliminate them.

The complex contains special gymnastics that strengthen the facial muscles, massage, the use of creams and masks that moisturize the skin. To combat mimic wrinkles, cosmetologists offer many safe and effective methods. Well-moisturized skin becomes more taut and therefore less prone to wrinkles.

Immediate fix

For the prevention of mimic wrinkles, you can successfully use masks made of natural ingredients according to proven home recipes. This includes Botox injections, which prevent the transmission of nerve impulses to muscle fibers, as a result of which they are in a relaxed state for a long time.

At the same time, the skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear, and for the deepest ones, it is recommended to use hyaluronic acid injections in combination with Botox. The effects of the procedure appear within a day and last for six months. The action of drugs in this group is based on peptides - biologically active substances.

They easily penetrate the skin and have a rapid effect on the process of regeneration and self-regulation. The cosmetic effect of peptides appears almost immediately within thirty minutes.

With a single use of the drug, the effect lasts ten to twelve hours, so regular use of this cosmetic is necessary for a sustainable effect. It should be noted that peptide-based cosmetics have no side effects and contraindications and are suitable for women of any age.

Cosmetics against mimic wrinkles

Facial massage for rejuvenation

Today there is no shortage of anti-wrinkle products; creams, serums and masks come to the rescue. This is a lighter preparation that reduces the number of wrinkles, smoothes them and prevents their appearance. Masks based on natural ingredients are an excellent remedy for mimicking wrinkles.

Such cosmetics are produced by many well-known companies. The fact that masks are now in demand goes without saying. Sheet masks are very popular, with regular use they can achieve excellent results.

Classic masks from various creams have also not lost their relevance. But to fight mimic wrinkles, they must be used regularly at least three times a week. To choose the right product for you, you need to focus on your skin type and the task you set for the cosmetic product.

To make wrinkles around the eyes less visible, it is necessary to create a skin care regimen. Collagen products must be included in skin care, as they are responsible for the elasticity and youth of the skin.

The sooner you start preventing the appearance of wrinkles, the longer your skin will stay young and smooth. Therefore, homemade masks based on natural ingredients will be part of the daily facial skin care procedure.

Mask recipe

Recipe for wrinkles:

  1. We mix Art. l. ground oats, one egg, half a teaspoon. liquid honey, aloe juice and olive oil. The resulting mixture is applied to cleansed skin for twenty to thirty minutes.
  2. We mix Art. l. sour cream, the same amount of cottage cheese and ten drops of vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), apply to the face. After 20 minutes, wash the mask with water.
  3. Grind some strawberries and wild strawberries, add a teaspoon of sunflower oil, honey and sour cream to the berry puree, mix thoroughly. Apply the mass on the face, hold for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  4. Soak cosmetic clay in a decoction of linden or chamomile flowers, mix with sour cream or heavy cream, add honey. All ingredients are taken in the same amount, apply on the face for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  5. Heat the paraffin wax, cocoa butter and olive oil in a water bath. Wet the bandage in the resulting solution, folded several times. Then squeeze, quickly straighten and apply to the forehead, put the mask, the forehead must be relaxed, prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Hold the mask for fifteen minutes, then, gently lift the edges, remove, wipe the forehead with a napkin, grease with cream.

Gymnastics for the face

Gymnastics for the face - is one of the effective remedies for mimicking wrinkles. It will help strengthen the facial muscles and maintain their tone by doing exercises, improving the skin in places prone to wrinkles, correcting them with your hands.

We start like this:

  • open your eyes as wide as possible, raise your eyebrows high and hold your palms horizontally on your forehead, close your eyes, lower your eyebrows.
  • put the index and middle fingers between the eyebrows, try to bring the eyebrows together, while blocking them with your fingers;
  • on the forehead at the edge of the hair, put the fingers of both hands, slightly stretching, lifting the skin to the hair, while directing the gaze down and trying to lower the eyebrows down;
  • apply three fingers of both hands to the lower eyelid, slightly pressing on the eyelid, slowly open and close the eyes;
  • With the index finger, press the outer corner of the eye, slightly stretching it to the side, so that they do not move. Close your eyes tightly, hold the corners of your eyes in their original position, slowly open and close your eyes;
  • eyes open wide, make rotation movements of the eyeball to the right and left;
  • take air into your mouth and roll it inward, first to the right cheek, then to the chin, to the left cheek, under the upper lip;
  • tense the lower jaw, open and close the mouth, while lingering for three seconds in the open mouth position;
  • vigorously stretch your lips, fold them for a kiss, repeat several times;
  • open your mouth, with tension, quickly pronounce sounds: a, o;
  • slowly inhale air, stretching your lips with the tube, then exhale forcefully, puffing out your cheeks.

Facial massage

Another good remedy for mimicking wrinkles is massage. Use special oil or cream "Children", by tapping the ring finger on the upper eyelid from the bridge of the nose to the outer edge of the eye and on the bottom - from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose.

After that, massage the eyelids with the index and middle fingers, close the eyes and massage the moving eyelids. In conclusion, sweep the upper and lower eyelids with the ring finger in the same direction, gently press several times on the outer corner of the eye.

Massage the forehead along the fold line, place the index and middle fingers at the base of the eyebrows and smooth the folds with light circular movements. Place four fingers of both hands vertically in the middle of the forehead, smooth the forehead from the middle to the temple.

Massage the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead with your fingertips, simultaneously moving to the temples from the middle of the forehead, and at the same time gently poke the forehead across the wrinkles. Place the fingers of the right and left hand in the middle of the chin, make circular movements along the contour of the face: from the chin to the earlobe and from the middle of the lower lip to the earlobe.

Then, hit the skin above the upper lip with the middle and ring finger from the middle to the edge, and from the middle of the chin moving to the edge of the lower lip. In conclusion, make a circular motion from the corner of the mouth to the wing of the nose and from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe, then in the opposite direction.

What is included in daily care

We will analyze the mandatory actions that must be followed to get rid of facial wrinkles:

  • Purification.Make-up remover must be selected marked "for the area around the eyes. "There are many cleaning cosmetic products: micellar water, two-phase liquid, lotion, gel, tonic, milk.
  • Hydration and nutrition.We know that the eyelid area is prone to dehydration and needs a lot of hydration and nutrition. It is better to choose care products that contain hyaluronic acid, glycerin, natural oils, as well as a high concentration of vitamins and minerals.
  • Sun protection.It is not recommended to be in the sun without SPF protection. In the range of protective cosmetics, it is necessary to choose a sunscreen that has been tested by dermatologists and protects the dermis from premature aging.


I hope now you know what is the most effective remedy to mimic wrinkles and your skin will always be smooth and young. There is nothing complicated in the sequence, gymnastics from mimic wrinkles, the main thing is the regularity of all the suggested exercises and you will succeed, you just have to not be lazy.

If you devote 10 minutes every day to taking care of your facial skin using professional cosmetics, then in a few weeks you will notice that there are fewer wrinkles and the contours of the face become taut.