Experience of use intenskin

intenskin cream has become very popular among all women in the world, you can find a lot of reviews and reviews about this tool on the Internet. Here are some of them.

Experience using intenskin cream from Valeria (Oslo city)

Experience using before and after using intenskin cream from Valeria

My name is Valeria, I live in Donkey and I love trying new skincare products. Every girl knows how hard it is to find a high quality face cream. I would like to share my experience using this tool and make a small overview.

By chance I saw intenskin cream - I saw a beautiful jar at a friend’s house. We engaged in a conversation, and she said that this cream replaced the usual visit to the beautician. Of course, I was very impressed with this result and ordered the cream myself the same day.

The cream came to me quickly. It has a delicate aroma, is quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily film. The big advantage is that it does not conflict with cosmetics.

The instructions for use are very simple: apply the cream in the morning and evening. Actually, this is a care product, not a medicine, so there are no specific recommendations for use.

Results from use

I just wash my face with foam, then rub it in with tonic and apply cream. I sometimes use a serum, but this is not necessary because the cream already contains an anti-aging serum. Already 2 months I have been using this product, I noticed that the effects are cumulative.

From day one, I found this product moisturizes the skin perfectly. After the first application, the skin becomes soft and hydrated, radiant with health. This effect accumulated over the course of a week - I got compliments from my friends.

From the second week of using intenskin cream, I noticed that the facial contours became clearer, the nasolabial folds decreased. I tried using the product under the eyes - it did not cause irritation, the delicate skin in this area received the cream perfectly.

I have only been using this product for two months and during this time I have been 10 years younger! My skin is as smooth and firm as ever. The wrinkles around the eyes and lips have completely disappeared, the nasolabial folds have decreased by about 80%, and the hated wrinkles on the eyebrows are almost completely gone. I have a clean oval face again, I always hear compliments and my friends always ask me what anti aging procedures I do. I recommend intenskin cream to everyone!

Experience using intenskin cream from Milan (Washington city)

Experience using before and after using intenskin cream from Milan

After an unsuccessful experience at a beauty salon, where they had to restore the condition of my skin and absolutely nothing appeared, I decided to continue to fight my aging. For this reason, I started looking for a way out, and even read all the reviews on the Internet without exception.

After some time, I found out, I also ordered intenskin cream. It is certified with a well -chosen formula and is easy to use as well. How do I Use Cream? It must be used in the morning, also in the evening, twice a day.

After application, the skin becomes even. At the same time, judging from the results, after a month, of course, the absolute elasticity appears, the outline gets better. I am 100% satisfied with the results and now I recommend this drug to my friends. I am so happy that I chose this product directly, like most women. Do not be afraid and buy a cream, you will be very surprised by the result.